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Just outside of Rhyolite, Nevada, a spectacular ghost town off the road leading to Death Valley, California, a group of prominent Belgian artists, led by the late Albert Szukalski, created a self-described art situation consisting of seven outdoor sculptures that are colossal not only in their scale, but in their placement within the vast upper Mojave desert.

Goldwell exists because artists from afar chose the Mojave Desert as a place to make work freely, in contrast with their practice in Europe. Those experiences led several of them to create the large scale, on-site sculptures that define Goldwell as a destination. There are few other places where such art-making activities could have taken place; the desert is integral to their work.

Decades later, artists from all over the world, having heard of Goldwell, still seek out this place. With new artist residency and artist workspace programs offered in the nearby Red Barn Art Center, Goldwell remains a place for those who seek adventure in their art making in a spectacular and challenging landscape.

The sculpture park is free and open to the public 24/7. We welcome you to experience it for yourself.

Bullfrog Biennial 2019

Goldwell Open Air Museum
Near the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 405
Beatty, NV 89003

Telephone: (702) 870-9946 Fax: (702) 870-9946

The Goldwell Open Air Museum is private property and its artworks on display are protected by copyright.
Non-commercial photography for personal use is permitted at any time.
Commercial photography, film and video recording requires permission from the property owners.
Download our PermissionForm (in PDF) or call (702) 870-9946 for more information.

This project is supported, in part, by grants from the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency,and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, the Nevada Humanities Committee, the Nevada Commission on Tourism, and the
Institute of Museum and Library Services. Goldwell is also supported, in part, by Stimulus Funding through the Nevada Arts Council’s SNAP Grant Program.