How long can I stay?
Supported residencies require a minimum commitment of two weeks. One month is the average stay. The minimum stay for the Workspace Program is two days with no set maximum based upon availability. Fees for the first week are due at the time of reservation.

There is approximately 120 running feet of wall space with an 8′ height in the main studio/gallery. The main studio is wheelchair accessible. The print studio has a 30″ x 60″ Takach etching press and a 18″ x 24″ Conrad monotype press. There is an electric hotplate for making plates, a drying rack, sinks, and an acid tank. Non-toxic chemicals predominant in the printmaking studio. The facility has full-spectrum florescent lighting, east and south facing windows, and track lighting in the main studio. There is plenty of electricity for running equipment.

How extreme is the environment?
The area is generally sunny, dry, and clear throughout the year. The winters are mild with occasional winter storms, but summers are extremely hot and dry. Summer high temperatures commonly run above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Comfortable clothing providing sun protection and a broad brimmed hat are recommended in summer. Winter requires warmer clothing and light to medium jackets. Sturdy walking shoes are important year round.

The Red Barn Art Center is located near the ghost town of Rhyolite in an area affected by mining activities. While not exactly wilderness, the area is home to abundant desert wildlife including burros, rabbits, snakes, scorpions, spiders and mice.

Will I be the only one there?
It depends. You can request a solo stay or come with a group. In general, we will not book two artists or different groups at the same time. Museum staff will have a right of entry at anytime.

What services are available nearby?
Beatty, Nevada is the closest town to the Red Barn Art Center and has all visitor services including lodging, restaurants, fuel and some supplies. For art supplies, Pahrump, Nevada (50 miles south) or Las Vegas (115 miles south) will be your best bet. Deliveries of supplies can be arranged to the Red Barn Art Center. There is a small grocery store in Beatty (Beatty Mercantile) and limited medical services.

In addition to small town charm, there is lots of wide open space to get lost in, conceptually as well as physically. The ghost town of Rhyolite is right up the road, one of the premier ghost towns in the west. Bailey’s Hot Springs is a short distance away, where one can take a relaxing soak. Death Valley National Park is 26 miles to the west via one of the most dramatic entrances into the valley. The famed Amargosa Opera House is at the southern end of the Amargosa Valley in Death Valley Junction, CA, about 70 miles from The Red Barn Art Center. All residents are provided with a Residency Manual with more detailed information about local services and area attractions.

Is there any financial assistance available?
In addition to the financial stipend awarded in supported residencies, Nevada Arts Council has a Jackpot Grant program ($1,000 max) available to individual Nevada artists which may be used to defray studio fees and travel expenses at the Red Barn Art Center. Click here for more information. Out-of-state artists should check with their local state arts agencies for similar programs.

I want to rent the facility to hold a workshop, what is the cost?
The Red Barn Art Center can be rented for use as a workshop venue for $250 per  weekend or $500 per week. Please contact the Museum for more information.

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