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An Official Selection of the
18th Annual Wine Country Film Festival

World Premiere was held
August 1st 2p.m.
Copia in Napa, CA

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In 1984 Belgian sculptor, Albert Szukalski, traveled to the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada, at the edge of Death Valley, to drape live models from a neighboring town in burlap-soaked plaster and pose them as in the famous painting of “the Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci. The bringing together of European artistic sensibility and the rural culture of the small desert town created both poignant and humorous moments and two worlds forever united. The film answers the questions of millions of visitors who have viewed the sculpture on how it came into being and what motivated Szukalski to place it there.

Production Notes
A professional production company was hired to film the creation of the sculpture, which documented not only the process by which the sculpture was made, but also captured revealing interviews with the artist and the local townspeople involved in the project. DEATH VALLEY PROJECT was crafted from over six hours of this high-quality, unedited footage that had languished in a personal collection for nearly 20 years. Goldwell Open Air Museum received the video footage as part of a large donation of objects made by Szukalski and others in Rhyolite.

Written, Produced and Directed by Suzanne Hackett and Charles Morgan
Additional Writing and Narration by Gregory Crosby
Package Conceptual and Graphic Design by Jim Stanford and Milo Duffin
Edited by Judy Swann, Las Vegas DVD Transfer Company
Original Music by Christopher Reiner
Original Video Production and Direction by G. John Slagle

The Models
Mark Anderson
Ray Donahue “Uncle Willy”
Bill Leblanc
John E. Lupac
Dave Sanford
John R. Shettle
Jim Spencer
Douglas Van Pool
Don Williamson

Additional Credits
“The Last Supper” Artistic Team
Albert Szukalski, sculptor
James Stewart, assistant
Luc Renneboog, treasurer

Acknowledgements and Special Thanks to:
Honorable Andre Adam, Belgian Consul General
Pat Ogren, Chief of Staff to former Lt. Governor Bob Cashell
Ed Ringle, Stagecoach Hotel and Casino
Debra McKillop
Young Electric Sign Company, Las Vegas-Clark County Library
Richard Whitbeck, Helicopter
Michael S. Bubnow
Greg Fiorto
Bill Barrackman
Don Williamson

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