1984–Albert Szukalksi creates “The Last Supper” and “Ghost Rider” sculptures in Rhyolite

1989 –Albert Szukalksi creates “Desert Flower” sculpture at museum site

1992–Dre Peeters and Dr. Hugo Heyrman create and install “Lady Desert” & “Icara” sculptures at museum site

1994 –Fred Bervoets creates “Homage to Shorty Harris” sculpture at museum site

1994–Suzanne Hackett-Morgan (nee Katzanek) hired by Nevada Arts Council to conduct Save Outdoor Sculpture project in southern Nevada, “discovers” Goldwell and meets Albert Szukalski

1996 –Charles Morgan and Suzanne Hackett-Morgan curate “Under Other Circumstances” exhibit on the Goldwell artists at the Contemporary Arts Collective gallery (Urga Building), also create first Museum website

1999–Charles Morgan and Suzanne Hackett marry in Burbank, California.

1999 –Rita Van Antwerpen contacts Hackett-Morgan and Morgan concerning disposition of Goldwell in light of Szukalski’s impending death. Szukalski tells Hackett-Morgan to “keep it going.”

2000–Albert Szukalski dies in Antwerp, Belgium in January. Goldwell Open Air Museum incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Nevada and achieves 501(c)3 tax exempt status from IRS.

2003–Museum completes Conservation Survey of collections with grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services

2004–Goldwell celebrates 20th Anniversary of the creation of the Last Supper with new logo, website, t-shirts, production and distribution of documentary on DVD and 20th anniversary celebration featuring William L. Fox, Richard Francaviglia, Kim Abeles, and Diane Perlov, silent auction and fundraising dinner.

2004–Barrick Gold donates Red Barn to Museum

2005–Ladies Lost Weekend #1–Pink Lady Paint Party, conservation project

2006–First Nevada Circuit Rider Strategic Planning Session

2006–NAC-funded Design Symposium for Red Barn Art Center & Residency

2006–National Endowment for the Arts Grant for Amargosa Opera House Murals Conservation Study

2006–“Lost Weekend” artist residency program with Mary Ann Bonjorni

2006–Nevada Arts Council Challenge Grant awarded

2006–Eames Demetrios’ Kymaerican Plaque installation

2007–Eames Demetrios artist residency and Kymaerican Audio Tour

2007–Ladies Lost Weekend #2–“Sit Here! “ conservation project and workshop

2007–Albert’s Tarantella I (featuring Cockroach Theatre, Threshold Dance Co. and s.c. jones)

2008–Artist Residencies: Phoebe Brush and Maria Arango

2008–Exhibit Program: “Out of Print,” “Return to Desert Island” by Sam Davis, “Indra’s Jewels” by James Stanford, “Cowboys & Indians” Susanne Forestieri & s.c. jones, “Robert Cole Caples”

2008–NY State Artist Workshop Consortium Mentorship Project

2008–Albert’s Tarantella II (Coyote Grace, The Dymonds, Paul Draper)

2008–Woodcut Printmaking Workshop (Maria Arango)

2009 –Woodcut Printmaking Workshop (Maria Arango)

2009–Hybrid Printmaking Workshop (Scott Ludwig)

2009–Nine Artist Residencies awarded and Four Workspace Residencies

2009–NAC-funded Design Symposium on Architecture and the Local

2009–Suzy and Riley McCoy join =Staff as Museum Hosts

2009–Albert’s Tarantella III (Scott Nygaard & Crow Molly, Killian’s Angeles, Paul Draper)

2010–Six Artists Residencies awarded