Board of Directors and Staff

board of directors

A 13-member Board of Directors–six working artists, two nonprofit professionals, a journalist, and an arts educator–provide oversight of the Museum. Day-to-day management of the residency program is delegated to a part-time Residency Manager. The sculpture park is managed by a full-time volunteer Museum Host. The Executive Director is a nonprofit arts/fundraising professional with over 33 years of experience.

Board of Directors
Richard Stephens, President
Nancy Good, Secretary
Suzanne Hackett-Morgan, Treasurer
Michael Aragon, Director
Charles Morgan, Director

Suzanne Hackett-Morgan,
Executive Director

Richard Stephens, Museum Host

Advisory Board
Kim Abeles
Marilyn Bancel
Mary Ann Bonjorni
William L. Fox
Joseph Lewis
Andrea Morse
Frederick Sigman
Eric Strain
James Stanford